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Swimco's Pack for Paradise

Posted on Sunday, March 24, 2013 | No Comments

A week and a half ago, Brookline Public Relations invited me to Swimco's Pack for Paradise event in downtown Vancouver.

It was an event hosted to introduce media and bloggers to swimsuit styles for Spring/ Summer 2013. 

Tropical drinks and snacks were provided. There was also beach hair and make up tables and mini manicure tables.

So...on to the pictures

10 tips to pack smart was shared with us

1. Versatility is key. If you can't wear it more than once, don't pack it
2. Always plan your outfits so that you don't over pack
3. Roll or fold your clothes the retail way.  
4. Don't bring bulky things
5. Use a double zip cosmetic back to avoid spills
6. tighten all lids and caps to avoid spills
7. Use the pockets of your suitcase for your hats
8. Wear your biggest pair of shoes on the plane, do not put it in your suitcase
9. Carry all your important things in your carry on bag. You never know when you might lose your bag. Put your swimsuit and sandals in your carry on bag
10. Decide if you will bring your own creams/ shampoos or if you will use the hotels creams/ shampoos.

 While we were being pampered a fashion show was put on for us.

First we have the tankini.   What is nice about this tankini is that it really doesn't look like swimsuit so you can wear it all around town during your vacation.

Second we have the vintage inspired one piece: 

Third we have the tank top/ pants cover up combo with hat.  The hat can be crushed to fit in your bag but you do not have to worry about the shape of the hat because there is wire along the edge to help you shape it when you take it out of your bag.

 I think the hit of the fashion show was the Swimco 8 way dress. Here are a few different ways that you can wear it:

Next we have a bikini with a fantastic summer print:

Fringe is in this season!!!!! This bikini caused a lot of ooohhs and ahhhs.

Lastly, we have a cover up to protect you from the sun:

At the end of the event we were gifted with chawels!
The 5 in 1 Towel, Changing room, travel/neck pillow ...

The head goes in the hole at the top, legs out at the bottom. 

I also did get my nails done at the event but that is saved for another post :)

This was a very fun event. Thank you to Swimco and Brookline Public Relations for organizing the event and inviting me to it.

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