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OPI Muppets Collection

Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 | 1 Comment

In honor of the Muppet Movie...OPI released 12 polishes known as the Muppet Collection for winter 2011. I have 6 of the colors today.  Edit: I bought the polish Rainbow Connection and have added images of it at the end of the post :)

Left to right: Meep-Meep-Meep, Excuse Moi!, Gettin' Miss Piggy With It!, Gone Gonzo!, Warm and Fozzie, Designer, De Better!
(lots of exclamation marks in these names)

 Left to right: Meep-Meep-Meep, Excuse Moi!, Gettin' Miss Piggy With It!
Left to right: Gone Gonzo!, Warm and Fozzie, Designer, De Better!

Rainbow Connection
First up we have Designer, De Better!
This is my favorite color. It is a silver polish with flecks of copper and gold in it. This was two coats.

I liked it so much and it screamed Christmas that I decided to nail stamp over it so I used my favorite bundlemonster image plate BM20 and OPI meep-meep-meep to make candy cane nails.

Next is Warm and Fozzie. Warm and Fozzie took 3 coats, it is a duochrome brown/ gold polish that I would describe as glass flecked. It is a gorgeous color... I cannot think of a dupe for it.

Next we have my next favorite polish from the collection Excuse Moi!
This was 3 coats. This is a pink based polish with  tiny silver, green, blue, yellow, red, and pink glitter suspended in it.

Next we have meep-meep-meep
this is a red glass flecked polish. The glass flecks in this polish gives it a slight gold sheen that can been seen at certain angles.
This was 3 coats.

On top of meep-meep-meep I layered on Getting Miss Piggy with it!  This is a clear red glitter polish with larger red and silver hexagonal glitter suspended in it. 

Next we have Gone Gonzo! I layered it on top of OPI suzi says feng shui, you can see it by itself on my bottom finger. It is a clear polish with small blue glitter and large silver hexagonal glitter suspended in it. This was 2 coats.

Edit: One more addition...we have Rainbow Connection.
I came across this polish at the store the other day and I had to have it even though there are a few dupes out there. I layered this over OPI parlez vous francais. This is 2 coats.
Some of the products in this post was provided to me for review.  Please see my disclosure page for more information


  1. such a nice collection, i loved your candy cane nails.


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