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simple french tip

Posted on Monday, March 29, 2010 | 1 Comment

I sprinkled the glitter on my nails...covered it with a top coat then did the french tip..
in retrospect I should have done the french tips first I think............it's just that doing the french tip after the glitter was hard as the glitter was still rather lumpy even with a top coat. I guess I could have put on another top coat before doing the french tip but I don't like thick thick layers of nail polish built up.

*clear nail polish/ top coat
*top coat
*french tip
*top coat
*top coat

hmm..need to think about this

well...removing this was a nightmare.......I'm not sure how I feel about loose glitter now. Glitter is notorious for being hard ti remove..but this was probably one of the worst ever.


  1. Hey, just found your blog and am following.
    LOVE your mani.
    I will look around more,


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