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July 2010

animal print!! yay!

Saturday, July 31, 2010 17

I recently purchased the konad M57 plate. Right away I had to try out the animal prints on the plate...

The first one up is the zebra print. The zebra print wasn't applied very well since I was rushing when I was using it. I just wanted to try out the plate, I didn't even let the black dry before I used a top coat so you see streaking. I used Wet n Wild  French white creme as a base and then stamped Wet n Wild black creme on top.  I think the black creme is the best black to stamp with.  Before I was using sally hansen's black out but it just wasn't opaque enough. Wet n wild's black is perfect.
 Oh, and to make it extra "stand out in you face" I used china glaze's fairy dust on top of it =)

The next print I used was the leopard print =)  This one took a bit more time.  What I did was first apply 2 coats of Wet n wild Sunkist Paradise. Then I sponged on china glaze passion followed by the leopard stamp using wet n wild black creme. 

Yay!!As you can see there was no streaking on the leopard one because I let the black dry a bit first (1-2 min)  before I applied the top coat.

(I apologize, I need to clean up the leopard one a bit more...and the zebra one no clean up I just removed it after awhile)

Oh yes, both manicures I used seche rebuild.  which brings up my problem. the application was terrible...because of the brush.  The other day I went to the mall and bought my very first seche product. yay! since I've heard everyone rave about seche and I needed a new base coat I bought rebuild. Well..the box was taped shut so I couldn't check the brush. When I got home..guess when? I had a damaged brush. sigh. I cannot return it as nail polish and cosmetics are non returnable.  The brush is just terrible and frayed (is that the word) when I was applying the frayed bristles were getting all along my cuticles (it looks worse that the picture). I'm pretty disappointed by it. I mean I paid quite a bit for this (Canada sells polishes like seche, opi, china glaze for rather high prices) so it sucks that it is all damaged.

My question to you readers is should I a) try to cut around the brush or b) try to pull it out with tweezers?

If I cut around I will get a weird sort of tapered uneven brush
If I pull really hard with tweezers I may damage the entire brush.

what to do?

Wet n Wild Grape Crush and OPI Catch me in your net

Sunday, July 25, 2010 4

2 swatches today =)
  The first one is wet n wild grape crush. To me it almost seems like a frost...almost.

It applied smoothly. Needed 3 coats. There is no top coat on any of these photos

Since purple is a royal color I decided that I needed an accent nail so the ring finger nail was konaded on.  I used china glaze passion and Konad plate M63.
I wonder how china glaze passion compares to china glaze 2030. I try very hard to avoid dupes so I didn't buy 2030. I bought millennium and robotika instead =)

Oh, by the way I purchased the bundle monster 21 plate set =) I'm pretty excited for it. I hope it comes this week.  

The next swatch is OPI catch me in your net. As you read in my previous post I was quite unhappy about buying it because I thought that I had bought a fake OPI.  Luckily it wasn't a fake. phew!  The identification number was filed off and one of the sticker labels on the bottom of the bottle was removed but as long as it is a real OPI I'm okay with it.

So when I first opened the package with the OPI I was so excited that I needed to wear it right away so I removed my polish and applied it. BIG MISTAKE!! You really need a base coat for this color.  It stains like crazy.  Besides the staining this is a gorgeous jelly. It didn't chip at all (I wore it for 4 days).  You can't really see the visible nail line so I was happy with that.  A lot of people said that the VNL was really obvious, I personally don't think so =)

The removal was not too bad. It is a bit easier to remove than glitter but not as easy to remove compared to a creme polish.  and the staining.. argh. my nails and skin around my nails were light blue after removing. Today is the 2nd day after removing the polish and my naked light blue nails have faded a bit.

china glaze he's going in circles

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 12

Another post on holographic nail polish. I know you guys are probably getting sick of seeing so many holographic polishes so this will be my last one for a while.

Today we have: China Glaze he's going in circles =)

I love love love the kaleidoscope collection.  I wish I was interested in nail polish when this collection came out because I think it may be one of the best polish collection ever

I bought this from 8ty8beauty.com. Ordered, shipped the next day. The guy in charge of all transactions replied to my emails instantly and was quite professional (I've heard some terrible things about 8ty8's customer service and shipping times). I got the package in 2 weeks time, which is normal for shipping items from the US to Canada. 

there isn't much to say about the polish so I will let the picture do the talking.

It was easy to remove and I did not have any application problems.  Minor chipping on the 3rd day of wear.

I have a question to ask you guys: FALSE ALARM
Vedra told me that it looked like the peel here label had been peeled off and to peel off the label of another OPI I had and compare it. well...after peeling off the label and comparing 2 bottles I realized that she was right. phew~

So the next question I have would be... where do you think this seller is getting her OPIs? the summer flutter collection is quite new and since transdesign/ 8ty8beauty/ head2toe aren't selling OPIs (or not the summer flutter collection due to the OPI lawsuit) where is this ebay seller getting hers? Is there another unofficial OPI nail polish distributor that (is also filing the barcode number on the polish) we nail polish lovers are not aware of???

I bought OPI Catch me in your net from ebay for $10.  I believe that I have purchased a fake or an illegal version.

The first think I noticed was that the serial number was filed off. This was common when you bought it from transdesign/ 8ty8beauty/ head2toe .  I guess that's okay right?

But the second thing is the label.  It is not a peel here label and there is no barcode on the label. Is this common? My OPIs all have a barcode and a peel here label (I only have 5 OPIs).  Is this considered a fake? the ebay guide here says that the label indicates it is a fake.  What do you ladies think? do you have opi's with this kind of label? Is this a fake?

Everything else appears to be authentic: the OPI words on the brush, 2 ball bearings, font size etc.

**more swatches of wet n wild summer shine collection coming up soon =)
**btw I have replied to all the comments in my last post =)

New post yay!

Sunday, July 18, 2010 12

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are all doing great!

I received my package from Karen at http://thekarend.blogspot.com/.  It's the Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine summer collection!! yay!  Isn't it pretty? 

I'm slowly swatching. Today we have Tropical Splash. People say that it is the dupe to china glaze's watermelon rind...but not as pretty as it does not have the glass flecks in it.

And before I removed I applied Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure to it.  =)  I'm sorry this picture isn't very clear, this was the best picture I could get.

Hidden Treasure is a very gorgeous flakie top coat but the removal is terrible.   This is my only flakie so I'm wondering if all flakies are difficult to remove?

*side note:  I'm going to be posting more frequent now (well 2 posts a week) and I hope to add tags to my posts to get everything organized =)

OPI DS shimmer!!! + mice

Friday, July 9, 2010 10

Hi everyone! I apologize for being such a terrible blogger. I try to have at least 2 posts a week but this hasn't been happening.  =(  I barely have time to do 1 post a week.  argh!

I am also very slow at replying to everyone's wonderful comments.  I always reply to comments in the comment section of the same post, so if you commented last time you can check out my reply to you in the comment section.

 So...I have a quick swatch/ review for OPI DS shimmer and then I'm going to tell you a bit about my job. (If you don't like mice or baby mice..then look away when you get to the last DS shimmer picture....baby mice are kind of ugly)
Here we go:

OPI DS SHIMMER.  It is a gorgeous color. This is 3 coats.  It is a bit sheer but I really like the sheerness of it. If you look closely at the picture you can see the VNL (visible nail line).  I think one coat on top of a french manicure would be very pretty. The application was very smooth unlike the china glaze holo OMG collection where the application was patchy. Drying time was much slower than the china glaze OMG collection but still reasonable. 

OPI is a very long lasting polish. I wore color club, china glaze, essie to work and the polish chipped instantly. I change lab gloves a lot, about 15 times a day.  I apply polish at night..at work the next day it chipped.  OPI...no chipping. I was trying to decide whether to get OPI catch me in your net or Zoya charla. Since OPI didn't chip on me I spent an extra $2 to get the OPI instead of zoya.

THIS IS THE LAST SHIMMER IMAGE! If you do not like mice do not scroll down further!

So..for my new job I am employed at a university as a lab technician for the mouse unit. I take care of the mice..luckily I don't have to wash cages and what not. I know a lot of people are against animal testing, I don't test on the animals, I make sure they are happy and healthy.  There is testing that occurs but I don't know what is being done exactly.  My lab mostly works on isolating genes/ DNA sequences in mice. What they do is that they try to breed mice together and they get a little bit of blood from the mouse babies and see if there is a certain DNA sequence in the blood that they want. Like maybe a DNA sequence for multiple sclerosis. And if they do find the DNA sequence for multiple sclerosis in the mouse they can compare it to human MS.

So they breed lots of babies and I take care of them. And when a mouse has an injury I apply a cream to the injury everyday until it gets better...similar to an antibiotic cream. I also separate mouse bully's from other mice. No one likes bullies.

Here's a picture of some babies.
Top 2 pictures are of babies just born and the mom is taking care of them...I think they are ugly
Bottom left picture: 1.5 weeks old
Bottom right picture: 3 weeks old
At 3 weeks I separate the "babies" from the parents and they live on their own...as independent young adults =)

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